Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thankful for Vitamin D3.

I let them give me the flu shot twice, and both those years, I contracted terrible cases of the flu.

Apart from those two years, I have only had the flu one other time in my life.  That makes a total of three years when I got the flu, out of 48 years of life.  I have contracted the flu in 100% of the years when I received the flu shot, and I have contracted it in 2.2% of the years when I declined the flu shot.

Based on this math, I no longer get the flu shot.

(Doctors sometimes tell me, "That's ridiculous.  You can't get the flu from a flu shot." I keep my mouth shut then, although I would like to retort, "I did not say that I got the flu from the flu shot.  I said that I got the flu in the years when I got the flu shot, which I most certainly did."  But often it is best not to argue.)

After deciding that the flu shot was not for me, I read somewhere that taking Vitamin D3 is very effective in boosting the immune system, and very effective at preventing colds and flu.  Since then, I have been a devoted taker of Vitamin D3.

All I know is my own experience.  In my own experience, I'd say that Vitamin D3 has had a nearly miraculous effect on my immune system.  Since I started taking D3 regularly, I have not had the flu, and I have had very minor experiences with colds.  A cold will sort of try to start up now and then, but with extra vitamins and fluids, I've been able to stave it off without going full blown, every time.

In my own experience, when I was teaching school, surrounded by sick students coughing and blowing their noses, even though I was weakened by other symptoms from another illness, I still never contracted a cold or the flu during that time.  I attribute this to Vitamin D3, although perhaps it wasn't D3 at all, but purely the grace of God.  I guess I'll never know.

Vitamin D3.  I take one a day.  I sometimes take an extra one on days when it is particularly cloudy, or if I feel achy, or if I have a scratchy throat starting up.

This is only my personal experience.  I am not a doctor or any sort of trained medical person.  I am not telling you what to do.  I am only saying that I am thankful for Vitamin D3.

I am thankful for Vitamin D3.

(don't take three, though!)

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