Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thankful for slippers.

Today I awoke to a soft white sky.

"It's snowing," Shawn remarked.

"No.  Surely not," I protested.

However, upon closer inspection, I saw that there were, indeed, flakes of snow floating gently under the canopy of clouds.

"Well, nothing is sticking on the ground," I said.  We agreed that we were both happy about that.

Coffee was consumed, showers taken, and then dogs walked.  Shawn, the hero of the day, arrived back in the house with flurries of fur fluttering at the ends of two leashes.  "It's cold out there!  Bitter!" he informed me.  I took a bite of warm, gluten-free banana muffin and sympathized.

On days like today, I am particularly, specifically, especially grateful for my slippers.  On a cold day, warm feet are the key to comfort.  Toasty toes, everyone knows, that's how it goes . . . warm toes warm temperament, right?

My slippers are purple suede.  I have purple suede slippers because I purchased them on clearance, at a deep discount, from Land's End, last year.  Purple was the color that was left, the color nobody else wanted.

They're nice though.  They are warm, garnished with white fluff, and have a stable, non-skid sole that keeps me quite safe on wood floors (and oak stair steps).   After almost a full year, they still look quite new.

Purple doesn't match much of my wardrobe, but no matter.  They make me happy.  With their gilded golden stitching and ties, they make me feel like a princess from India when I wear them.

I've decided to treat this purple as a neutral.

It's fine.

I am thankful for slippers!


Anonymous said...

They're purple because you're a Vikings fan. Or at least married to one.

ruth said...

I am NOT a Vikings fan. However, it is true that I am married to one. Sad but true. Someday perhaps he will see the light and change his allegiance. In the meantime, I love him anyway.

Shannon said...

I like those slippers. I would also wear them proudly. Who cares what color slippers are? It's not like you wear them out to fancy soirees and debutante affairs.

(but I am grateful for people who do care, so that people like us - who do not - can get perfectly sufficient slippers at clearance prices!)

ruth said...

Amen, Shannon, amen.

I actually adore these purple slippers. They're just. . . fun! And warm and skid-proof. What more could I want?

Gloria H. said...

I LOVE them, Ruth, I love purple, and I happen to need new slippers just like those. I may go online and see if I can find a pair like yours. We could match! :)