Friday, November 21, 2014

Thankful for new friends (a day late).

Yesterday I had the most beautifully wonderful day I have had since my family began busting apart--due to people growing up and moving out--and we moved to Illinois.  For one thing, I had a Girls' Day Out with two of my precious new friends.  Then, if you can believe it, after that festivity, Shawn took me out to a play--a live theater performance--at Jonathan's school, and it was really good!  What a day!  No wonder I didn't get a chance to write!

Filled to the brim, that was my heart yesterday, and it was largely due to these two beautiful ladies right here, my new friends!

My new friends, Carol and Melinda.

I met Carol and Melinda through BSF (which stands for Bible Study Fellowship).  Bible Study Fellowship did not exist in Syracuse, NY.  However, when we moved to Illinois, BSF was alive and running, and my sweet sister encouraged me to get involved because of what a blessing BSF has been in her life.  "You will make friends, and it will be your lifeline," my sister told me.

Carol, Melinda and I are BSF group discussion leaders, so we spend all Monday morning together at the leaders' preparatory meeting, and then we spend Tuesday morning together at the regular BSF meeting (although we each have our separate groups).

After our meetings on Mondays and Tuesdays, we usually get together and walk for an hour or so.  It is a huge blessing!  I have never had a walking buddy before, and now I have two of the most delightful walking buddies you could ever imagine!  They are dear, dear friends, tremendous support and encouragement to me as I transition back to the Midwest. 

They are special because of their deep love for the Lord, their powerful prayer lives, their caring and open hearts, their fun sense of humor, and their gentle kindness.  They are also special because both of them are breast cancer survivors, and both of them have had breast cancer not just once, but twice.  They are still vibrant, active, and endowed with gracious servant hearts.  I am overwhelmingly thankful  to God for bringing these two precious ladies into my life.

Yesterday, the three of us spent the day driving all over the countryside and browsing antique shops.  Melinda willingly offered to drive, because she is familiar with where a lot of antique shops are.   Carol treated us all to lunch at the cutest little cafe with vintage tiled floors . . . and a candy factory!  Me, I just bummed along and bought a turkey platter.

 The platter I bought.  For this year's Thanksgiving.

Next time, I am determined to contribute something!  Also, next time maybe I'll wear pink, because yesterday Carol and Melinda looked like pink twins (with the cutest black, white and gray accessories), while I was wearing blue and black.  Imagine that.  Hooray!  They were nice to me anyway!

I am deeply, overflowingly thankful for new friends!

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