Friday, November 21, 2014

Thankful for eggs.

If you are reading this, you may have missed yesterday's post, which was better, and which can be found by clicking this link.

Yesterday I had a massively fantastic day.

It was also a very busy day, and somehow supper got pushed to the side, as it often does when I am busy, happy and otherwise involved.  (Famous quote of the ages from Shawn:  "Just because you aren't hungry doesn't mean that the rest of us aren't hungry!")

Anyway, lacking a dinner plan, I whipped up some egg wraps.  That's eggs, ham and cheese rolled up in a gluten-free wrap.

As I pulled the eggs from the refrigerator, already full of thankfulness because of all the lovely things that were happening that day, it occurred to me how very, very pleasant eggs are.

Eggs are inexpensive.

Eggs are full of protein.

Eggs can be rather delicious.

Using eggs, a person can prepare 
a hot, homemade meal in under ten minutes.

There used to be an ad campaign back when I was a wee lass.  "The incredible edible egg."

Yes, eggs are incredible.  Eggs are nice.  Eggs are good.

I am thankful for eggs.

(Also, this is my 100th post this year.  Perhaps an unexceptional one, but on a blog of mostly unexceptional posts, why should post #100 be any different?  I am now in a quandary.  I had a goal to publish 100 posts this year.  I've done that.  I should stop.  But I also had a goal of posting thanks every day in November.  I've not finished that yet, and--additionally--I wanted to say at least something about Christmas once it arrived... )


Shannon said...

you shouldn't stop. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS.

hey actually I have a question about eggs. I like to use them as equally as possible from each end so that it is fairly balanced and the weight is all in the middle. do you like to use them as equally as possible from the middle out, or did you stage that for this picture?

ruth said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have a subconscious tendency to go for balance in the carton, but I could not say whether it is usually balanced from the outside on, or the inside out. I CAN tell you that this particular carton was full until Jon came home at 2:15 and made himself a 4 egg omelet before his 3-11 work shift. This is his doing, and I find the symmetry of it strangely comforting.

ruth said...

*outside IN
I do find it constraining the way one cannot edit comments in blogger.