Monday, November 17, 2014

Thankful for my furnace.

Today it is cold.

Bitter cold.

Everyone is commenting on how it should still be autumn, but it is winter.  "Winter in November," they say, and I smile to myself, because pretty much everywhere I've lived before, November really was a winter month.

There is only a slight dusting of snow, but it isn't melting.

On days like today, it is such a blessing to walk into the house and feel the warmth from the furnace.

I am thankful for my furnace.

I'm thankful that it works!

I'm thankful that, when I am freezing, all I have to do is slide a little tab on my thermostat up toward a higher number.  Then, a great whoosh will resound in the basement, followed by warm air puffing deliciously out of all the heat vents.

I am thankful for my furnace.

And hot cocoa.  Yes.  That too.

But I am especially thankful for my furnace.

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