Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thankful for fleeting pleasures.

I am thankful for fleeting pleasures.

By this, I do not mean vain, worthless indulgences.  I mean pleasures that are here for a short instant and then suddenly gone, things you have to seize in the moment or lose forever.

Saturday mornings.

Fresh flowers.

Newborn babies, fast asleep with a bubble of breastmilk between their lips.

The month of July.

Why is it that Monday afternoon drags on forever, but Saturday morning is somehow over in a blink, a wink, an elusive flash?

Wouldn't it be a treat if, sometime, January would pass as quickly as July always does, and July would linger as long as January usually does?

How many of us have ever rocked a sleeping baby and wished we could hold him forever and all eternity?

Some pleasures do not last.  Rather than bemoaning the truth of it, we need to seize hold of them while we can and enjoy them to their fullest.

Like two hands cupped around fresh, cold water, bring the joys of life to your lips and drink deeply before they leak away through your fingers.

Blooms from my favorite rosebush at the Sugar Pine house.

At least Saturday mornings roll around fairly often.  I'm going to plan ahead and try hard to catch the next one.

I am thankful for fleeting pleasures.

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