Friday, November 18, 2016

Thankful that I didn't get a parking ticket

No picture today.

I try not to do that in November.  But today was one of those days.

While shopping in town--yes, downtown--I parked at a meter and deposited enough quarters for nearly an hour's worth of legal parking.  Then I popped up my umbrella and happily skipped away in the rain.  A lady ahead of me on the sidewalk dropped her package into the UPS box, and while she was doing so, another lady approached her from the other direction, holding out her umbrella generously.  "Can I walk you back to your car?" she asked.  The first lady looked a trifle surprised, but smiled.  "Thank you!  You're very kind," she replied.  This is yet another reason why I love the Midwest.  Strangers in the Northeast do not generally offer to share umbrellas or walk people to their cars.

I got engrossed in shopping, but finally finished and snagged Jonathan for a late lunch.  As we walked back to the van, it occurred to me that I'd completely forgotten to track time.  "I hope I don't have a ticket!" I told Jon.  When we arrived, the meter was blinking, "EXPIRED," but there was no ticket.

No ticket!  Hooray!

I am thankful that I did not get a parking ticket!

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