This blog

This is a personal blog.

I write about things I would like to remember.

So, it could be a story about something that happened in our family life, a thought I had about something that seemed significant, an expression of a belief I hold, or a recipe or other practical life tip.  See, it could be anything.

I do not write for a particular audience, although some of my posts are aimed at some of my family members, while other posts are kind of like "post-it notes to me."  I do not and never plan to monetize this blog.

I'm a shy person, and this blog is sort of like my best friend in some ways.  It's the place I go to talk about things I need to talk about, except there is the threat of public readers, which sometimes helps me self-censor, which is a very good thing (except when it fails).  My spiral notebooks can get really ugly because of the lack of the threat of readers.  In fact, I have quite a few spiral notebooks that ought to be burned.

Visitors are very welcome here, as are comments.  I get precious few comments, but I treasure the ones I do get.  For me, blogging is a relational thing.  I am the kind of person who has just a few really good friends rather than scores and scores of surface ones.  That pattern may hold true for this blog as well.