Attributes of God

Of all the things I've done on this blog, 
the posts I most hope that people will read
are my posts about the attributes of God.

I went through, alphabetically, 
and made a collection of attributes of God,
with scripture verses.

I am thankful to God for helping me finish this project,
and I pray that somehow it will reach people
who long to know Him better and love Him more.

Start here with the letter A:  LINK

At the end of each post, 
you will find a link to the next post,
about attributes beginning with the next letter.

Or you can look over at the sidebar under archives.
Once you are into the attributes,
it is easy to access more of them by clicking on the links 
in the archives sidebar on the left.

All these posts were written in 
June and July of 2011.

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