Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thankful for sleep

 . . . for God gives rest to His loved ones.
~from Psalm 127:2

Do you ever wonder about what sleep is?

We all know what it is, sort of.  We all sleep: some more, and some less.  When we were little, our parents were always trying to get us to go to sleep.  Then we grew up, had babies of our own and learned, first hand, the unutterable beauty of a sleeping child.

It can feel tremendously good to sleep, to fall into bed when you are tired, and drift away to an unconscious state.

If we weren't so used to it, it would be creepy, though, the loss of consciousness, the way daytime memories and experiences morph into dreams, the way we don't perceive what is going on around us, outside of us, while we are asleep.

Studies show that most growth and healing occur while people are asleep.

We just take it for granted, for the most part.  At least, we take it for granted until we are unable to sleep.

Different things keep us awake.  Pain.  Worry.  Distress.  Sorrow.  Even excitement.

I wonder what actually happens to our bodies and our minds while we are sleeping.  I wonder what happens to our spirits.  I wonder if God speaks through dreams.  I suppose He must, sometimes, although I doubt if He does routinely.

I've been through some traumatic events, and by the grace of God, He's virtually always enabled me to get at least a few hours of sleep even when despair and fear have run deep.

On the other hand, I have often had incredible trouble falling asleep in a strange bed, despite how comfortable I may have been or how happy I was to be there.

Nevertheless, I am thankful for sleep, for the rest and refreshment that come from a good, solid eight hours under the covers.  I am thankful for night, and the opportunity to snuggle down into feather pillows and warm blankets, to close my eyes and rest my head.  I am thankful for quietness and darkness.

I am thankful for sleep.

In peace I will lie down and sleep,
for You alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.
~Psalm 4:8

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