Friday, November 4, 2016

Thankful for White Stilton

Let me preface this by saying that I am morally opposed to being thankful in a way that could be construed as gloating.

I do not, in my thankfulness, want to dwell on something I have that others may not have, especially if it would cause jealousy to arise in someone's heart.

However, and please forgive me, but . . .

Today a miracle occurred.  I visited a new grocery store in town, and I found something that I have not been able to enjoy for over three years.  Over three years.

I found WHITE STILTON CHEESE.  This particular variety was sweetened with blueberries.

Not since we moved away from Wegman's have I been able to enjoy White Stilton.

Today I bought a small chunk, and I ate the whole thing.  Yes, I did.  And I do not regret it.

It was delicious.

By some miracle, I saved a nub at the end to photograph before I finished it off.

There are some wonderful pleasures to be experienced on this earth, fallen though it may be, and White Stilton is one of them.

I am thankful for such a special treat!  (And it's gluten free!)

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