Friday, February 28, 2014

Kitchen Project. Day 37.

I stopped writing about my kitchen for awhile because...

(1) I was bored with it, and
(2) I was traumatized by it.

You see, the floor was damaged.

It looked to me like they spilled some sort of thick, sticky, black motor oil on it, and then tried to clean it up with a number of various and strong spot removers, failing to completely remove the spot and damaging the flooring.

Of course, this is only what it looks like to me.  I did not see anything happen.   One day I walked down and a worker was on his knees with paper towels and my window cleaner, going over the entire floor.  This was an uncharacteristic move at an unexplained point in the process.  Soon after--that evening or the next day--I noticed the black spot.  Shawn noticed some bottles of "Spot Remover" sitting around.  I got most of the spot out myself, using baking soda and dish detergent.  But a few days later, that piece of flooring was coming apart.

We asked them about it, and of course they knew nothing.

Have I told you before how afraid I am of these people?  I am absolutely terrified, because whenever he makes a mistake, the one guy gets mad at me.  So this issue, this was beyond what I was prepared to confront in every way, shape and form.

I emailed the flooring company, but I am sure that they will say it isn't covered because of some loophole: improper installation, or inappropriate cleaning methods.  And even if it is covered, they will refund the cost of the materials.  Period.  I don't want some money back.  I want a functional kitchen floor.  I want the project over and my house back.  This piece of flooring is smack in the middle of the room.  And they installed the flooring all the way to the walls, and then installed the cabinets over it.  So to replace this one piece of flooring would require tearing out the entire kitchen.  Literally. 

I do not have it in me even to consider doing what it would take to replace that plank.

When I first saw the damaged plank, I felt like I had been kicked in the gut by someone wearing spiked cowboy boots.  I started to shake. I felt guilty, as though I had done it, and I thought I was going to vomit.

I prayed, and after awhile God helped me to realize two things:
  1. This is not my fault.  I did not do it.  Scrubbing a black spot with baking soda and dish detergent did not make my new floor come apart.
  2. OK.  My brand new floor is coming apart before my kitchen is even finished, and this is a sad thing, but it does not reflect a  moral failing on my part.  It is not a moral failing.  I did not sin.
I still feel physical symptoms of guilt when I think about this, but in my rational mind, God is helping me realize that I do not need to feel guilty.  I prayed and prayed some more.  I did some internet research on adhesives.  I prayed some more.  I told God, "This is Your house and Your kitchen, and You have the power to fix it.  I am going to trust You and believe that You will work this out for my good and Your glory.  A kitchen is a silly thing to be fixated on, and I don't need a perfect kitchen, but at the same time, every part of my life is Yours and You can show Your power in every detail.  I don't think You want me to be consumed with worry over this, or for me to be distracted from things that are more important.  So I am going to trust You."

Online, I found an adhesive that looked promising.  I went to my local Ace Hardware, and they had it, in stock, for a fraction of the online price.  I bought a trial tube and brought it home.  Shawn and I tested it on some extra flooring we had lying around, and it worked great.  God is good and His mercies are everlasting.  Tonight we plan to patch up our damaged floor--ourselves--and pray again, prayers of both supplication and thanksgiving. 

On other fronts, they put in our stove, dishwasher and microwave.  The microwave is especially nice to have.  Now we can heat up leftovers from the crockpot (or a restaurant!).  Additionally, we have new paint, and I love the color, a very soft, understated yellow that is cheery and light.  I had no idea the color could make the room look this new and uplifting.

Another bright note:  the counter people measured for the counters today, well ahead of the recently expected schedule.

It has been a long, harsh winter and a long, dusty construction project.  Many times I've thought of Narnia under the reign of the white witch: always winter and never Christmas. But then there appeared holly berries and the trickling sounds of melting ice. . .  Aslan was on the move.

In my real life, I see God on the move.  And I am glad.


Shannon said...


I did not know you were getting a double oven!!! This is so exciting! The stove is so beautiful! I'm so excited!

I really hope that you and Dad are able to patch up the floor. What a horrifying story. That's absolutely terrible. I can feel the things you describe feeling when you talk about it. I will be praying.

It is some very good news that the measuring for the countertops has been done. Oh my goodness, maybe it will be over soon. And then you will have a functional kitchen and food blogs won't be such delicious torture anymore!

ruth said...

Yes. Dad talked me into the double oven. The top one is pretty tiny, just right for baking up little casseroles just the right size for the two of us, and saving energy while we're at it. The bottom oven is not huge. Dad says we have the roaster for turkeys, so we don't need a turkey sized oven, although I'm sure we cold still do a 15-18 lb. turkey easily enough.

I thought of consulting you about adhesives and plastics/vinyls, but decided that it didn't really fall under *organic* chemistry, and anyway, until I had some hope, I couldn't bring myself to talk about the issue.

ruth said...

**could, not cold**
Would you believe the excuse of a weak right index finger

Laura Murphy said...

This is a very honest post, and I love it. I think almost all joy comes from laying things down before the Lord.

The walls are beautiful.