Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kitchen Project. Day 21.

I stopped updating for awhile because I was so bored by the lack of visible progress, I figured everyone else must be, too.

We've undergone a great deal of drywall work and sub-floor work, both of which are important (and messy), and we are thankful that they were done well.  We trust that they were done well.

Yesterday they began to lay the flooring, and today they finished the flooring in the kitchen, but not in the laundry room.  I may be visiting the laundromat this weekend.

Yes, they finished the floor in the kitchen, and the upper cabinets were delivered today.  Observe them in my kitchen, in those cardboard boxes.

Tomorrow they will start to hang the upper cabinets, and when those are done, they will install the lower cabinets.  After that, the counter-top people come out to measure for the counters, and while we are waiting for the counters to be fabricated... then they will finish the laundry room floor.

Yes, I may be visiting the laundromat this weekend.  Or maybe even before that.


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