Friday, February 7, 2014

Kitchen Project. Day 16.

Day 16. Leading into Weekend #3 without a kitchen... and this time, we are also without a washer and dryer.

Oh my.

Yesterday we had a difficult and incredibly scary talk with the contractors about the floor, and how we are not happy about the level of the floor, and the resulting bump right at the edge of a step down into our family room.

Both Shawn and I were extremely nervous to bring up a criticism, and dreaded doing it, fearing that we would ruin our working relationship with the people we have hired.  They are really very nice, polite, careful and even good about cleaning up after themselves.  However, I've taken two serious falls (not related to the kitchen) in less than a week (lupus?), and a tripping hazard right between the kitchen and the family room where we are always going back and forth, up and down two steps... well that is big concern.

We probably should have them tear up the whole sub-floor and re-lay it at a lower level, but since we will be charged by the hour and for materials involved in any rework, that simply isn't in the budget.  So we had this talk, which by the grace of God was very calm -- and I didn't cry, either -- and I think they heard our concern about safety.  The solution is yet to be seen.  I'm praying for an adequate one.

Ach.  Yuck.

And yes.  No laundry.  The washer, as you can see, is not in the laundry room.

The washer is here...

The drywall work is coming along.

I sure hope that by the end of next week I have my washer and dryer back.  I am not making this up.

Funny story.  When they detached my washer, one of the guys asked me, "Is this the only washer you have in this house?"

Ummmmm... yes.  I didn't know anybody ever had more than one washer.

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