Monday, February 17, 2014

Kitchen Project. Day 26.

I did not take any pictures on Friday, or over the weekend, although there was a small amount of visible progress, really nice visible progress, in fact.

But I was too traumatized.

I didn't feel like venturing near the computer all weekend.  All I did was clean, and then, when the sun came out on Sunday, I observed all the places I'd missed when I cleaned.

The carpenters hate me now.

When it came time to install the cabinets, it became clear that the wiring that happened on that fateful day, Day 7, is all messed up.  The electricians came back once to move some things, and now I've found more mistakes, so more things will have to be moved.

And every time they have to move something, it opens up another drywall project, complete with mudding and multiple sandings of drywall compound.

This is messy.  And it is time consuming; it prolongs the project.  It's three steps forward, two steps back, day after day.  And more drywall powder on my brand new cabinet finishes.

Maybe this is normal.

I just wish the carpenters didn't hate me.  It's not my fault the electricians put the lights and the wiring in the wrong places.  Or maybe it is.  Maybe I should have been on top of it all.  I thought we'd hired professionals, and given them drawings, and they would know what to do.  I didn't realize that I should be on top of every detail.  Indeed, they did not encourage me to be on top of details.  They seemed happier the farther away I was from the worksite.  The electricians just came raring in here like a small, destructive army, and everybody's body language was sending the message, "Get the dang homeowner out of the way."  So I retreated.  And now there are all these mistakes, and when we point them out we encounter thinly veiled attitude and hostility. 

Anyway, I think all the cabinets are set in place now, except for the one over the refrigerator.  There are, of course, spaces where the appliances will go.  I could post a picture, but I am not ready yet, psychologically.  I'm battered.

I think I'd be excited about the progress if I didn't feel like such a prisoner in the upstairs bunker of my home, where today I hid out, hunkered down, and listened to the icy chunks of snow pelting the large window in my bedroom.

Spring will surely come,
and my kitchen will be done.
I'll cook again some day,
and take walks out in the sun.


Hope T. said...

It must feel so invasive for people to come in and tromp all over your house, spreading dirt and disorder. And then to be mad at you for any mistakes in the workmanship, well,... that is enough to leave anyone battered and raw.

What I don't understand is how you were supposed to know about the mistakes in the wiring! But you did catch the mistakes right after the fact! That is good, right? The work could have gone a lot farther before it was caught and then more would have had to be undone.

You can see I have no experience with kitchen remodeling. My parents redid their kitchen several years ago. I wasn't there but I heard that they were shocked, absolutely shocked, that nothing went wrong. Usually you hear what a nightmare it is to remodel either a kitchen or bathroom and the homeowner vows never to do it again because it is so traumatic.

Someday the kitchen will be done,
the workers will be banished,
Ruth will bake a hot cross bun
to celebrate the laborers vanished.

Hope T. said...

The part about hot cross buns is a in reference to the hope that all the work will be complete by Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, when hot cross buns are traditionally eaten.

ruth said...

Hahahahahaha! I sure do hope it's done by then! What is that? March 4? Here's hoping!