Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lions and lambs

Yesterday it was almost 60 degrees. Today it is only about 24 degrees. However, the wind is just as strong as before, bitter and biting now with the decrease in degrees. As a child, I was taught that March is... "in like a lion, out like a lamb." In all my born days, I have no conscious memory of March ever going out like a lamb. It has sometimes come in like a lamb and then turned bitter cold. It usually seems to come in like a lion and go out like a lion, blizzards and all. Now and then there is a warm spell in mid-March. Honestly, though, I don't ever remember smooth sailing to April Fool's Day.

(In case you did not notice, I am trying to use reverse psychology on the weather.)


Ruth MacC said...

Hi `Ruth,
I think this is the first year I have taken any knod of notice of what the weather is like around the world via blogging. In Virginia people are out walking dogs in the snow, in short sleved shirts and kids are having snow ball fights with shorts and t shirts on???So strange.

Like the comment on the end of your page :-)

ruth said...

yes, in colder climates, the snow lasts for awhile after the air starts to warm up. Combine that with how sick we get of winter and winter clothes, and you have a recipe for kids being out in shorts and t-shirts making snowmen in March. :) I's a weird month!