Thursday, March 5, 2009

Like the old days?

Today I got my van back. Imagine that. And I spent most of my day driving, just like in "the old days." (Two years ago, before DJ got his license.)

1. I drove Lu and DJ to school in the morning.
2. I picked Lu up and we drove to the doctor (where we were told that she needs to stay out of school and rest her brain).
3. We drove home from the doctor. It is about a 35 minute drive each way, so I feel vindicated in mentioning it twice.
4. I picked DJ up from school--he had to stay after for a National Honor Society meeting, so he hadn't been able to get the bus.
5. I drove DJ to his paino lesson.
6. I picked up Schubert from the groomer. (Shawn dropped him off for me this morning on his way to work.)
7. I drove Jonathan to our church for the after-school youth program they have that lasts until the evening youth group meeting starts...
8. I filled the gas tank at Sam's Club--$1.99/gallon is certainly something to be thankful for.
9. I went to WalMart and bought some toiletry items.
10. I picked DJ up from his piano lesson.

Now I am home, for a short while. DJ and Lu have a very important concert tonight, with conductor and composer Stephen Melillo as guest. The doctor cleared Lu to participate in this event, as she has some fairly important oboe parts to play.

We will enjoy the concert, God willing, and then we will come home and go to bed, God willing. I am looking forward to going to bed tonight.

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