Saturday, March 7, 2009

Color combinations

I am not stylish; in fact, style scares me.

I wear black a lot. It matches almost anything, and unlike white (which also matches almost anything), black does not show the dirt. This is key where I am concerned.

I was thinking about black color combinations today, and trying to test the matching hypothesis. Does black really match almost anything?

Below is a list of how I feel in the following color combinations with black.

1. Black and white.
Generally I avoid black and white. It makes me feel like a waiter, not a waitress, a waiter. Hence the avoidance.

2. Black and beige or tan.
Maybe I would wear this, particularly if I had recently been accused of dressing depressingly. The deeper the tan the better; I think beige washes me out.

3. Black and gray.
While this color combination can be striking and dramatic, it is too cold and sterile and makes me feel like an android.

4. Black and brown.
Yes. I love black and brown, especially when they are woven together in a nubby fabric. Mix them here, match them with one or the other there, and you have an outfit that I might wear every day for a week, as long as I am not exposing myself to the same people each of those days.

5. Black and pink.
Black and pink together conjure up an impression of Paris, or a ballerina, or perhaps a Parisien ballerina. I would wear black and pink on a happy day.

6. Black and yellow.
Bumblebees. No thank you.

7. Black and orange.
Halloween. No thank you.

8. Black and red.
A Spanish dancer with black lace and a rose between her teeth. Or a very dressy Christmas outfit. A bit much, but this combination can be nice sometimes.

9. Black and purple.
An actor. Or an actress. I would associate this with sin.

10. Black and blue.
This always makes me think of bruises and battered women, but sometimes I wear it anyway. Black and denim may also fall into this category, and black with denim may even eclipse black and brown as my hallmark choice, even though it is passe and a sign of someone who thought he/she was cool in the 90's. (For the record, I never thought I was cool. Even though I wear black and denim. I did not wear it when it was cool.)

11. Black and green.
The wicked witch of the west, from the Wizard of Oz.

12. Black and turquois or aqua, or possibly teal.
Now you're way too trendy for me.


Hope T. said...

"style scares me" :) I love that. Style scares me too. In fact I am still wearing clothes from the eighties. I'd go with rose or coral with the black. I look washed out in light colors too so I like colors that are warm but not too bright.

ruth said...

"...colors that are warm but not too bright." That sounds just about perfect. :)

AmyC said...

My dad never let me wear black with dark jeans, he always said I looked like a bruise.

Black and periwinkle is gorgeous. That would not be your color, but in general it is a striking combo.