Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thankful for right now.

Right now.

We just arrived home from church.

Well, actually, we went to Menard's after church, roamed the aisles, dreamt a little bit about home improvement projects.  We only had the car, not the van, so we bought neither a grill nor a Christmas tree, although isn't it funny that we considered both on the same trip?

Then we went to a grocery store to buy ingredients for hot cocoa mix, because Shawn had a hankering.

Now we are home.  Jon is playing the piano and singing.  Snow falls softly outside.  I mixed up the hot cocoa mix.  Water is currently coming to a boil so we can test the cocoa and adjust it before I pack it away in storage containers.

In this moment, in the now, all is good.  We are warm, well fed, happy and healthy.

In another moment everything could change.  A car accident, a job loss, a cancer diagnosis could transform lives of comfort and ease into lives of fear, pain or sorrow in an instant.  If that happens, you have to trust and be thankful anyway.

But in this moment all is calm.  All is beautiful, really.

In this moment, I am so very thankful to be here, home, safe, at peace.  I can worry later, not right now.

I am thankful for right now.

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