Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Somebody has his senior recital coming up.

His professor says it's going to be really good.

Unfortunately, it is during the Final Four NCAA Basketball game, and Syracuse made the final four.  It is practically a national holiday type event for our community.

So this young man, who plays beautifully beyond understanding, who has diligently prepared for this occasion for four years, who would like to be watching the basketball game himself, will play for a very small audience that evening.

I am making cupcakes.  I won't need to make very many (there is always a silver lining to every circumstance).

Today I practiced.

I made chocolate cupcakes:

And then I frosted them with salted caramel butter-cream icing.  I used only half as much salt and butter as the recipe called for because, seriously?  The recipe called for 1.5 cups of butter and only 1 cup of powdered sugar.   That's just flavored butter, not a winner in my book.  So I made my adjustments, and it turned out just fine...

Here they are frosted:


I wonder how much practicing I'm a-gonna need to do before Saturday???

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