Sunday, March 31, 2013

photo memories

Today we celebrated what is probably our last big family holiday in this house.

This week we will probably put our house on the market.  Or next week.  We need to put it on the market.

I don't want to put it on the market.

But homes are not as important as families.  Today we celebrated family.  We were all here, all together.  It was so nice.

Here we are in our living room.  All of us.
This makes me extremely happy.

I've been wanting to post some picture of me with my kids.  It started when Shawn and I went to visit Shannon a couple of weeks ago.  Here is a picture of Shannon with Shawn:

And here is a picture that I just really love, of Shannon with me:

I am about 5'6" -- not particularly short.  As you can see, Shannon is quite a bit taller than I.

I wanted to post these pictures, because I really liked them.  But I wanted my other kids to know that I am crazy about them, too, so I went looking through my picture files to find pictures of me with the rest of them.

Such pictures are difficult to find.  Perhaps this is because I am the one who takes most of the pictures.  I had to go back to the beginning of the school year to find a picture of Jon and me:

It was Jon's first day of school, and I had a teachers' workshop.  You can see the scabs on Jon's forehead from his wearing of the mascot costume for the local baseball team (his summer job)... the head is not constructed quite right, and being tough, he just wears it anyway.  This got me thinking about another picture of Jon and me:

Proud mama at the stadium.

Try as I might, I could not find any pictures of just David and me or just Laura and me.  Today, since we were all here, we took one of each:

David and me.

Laura and me.

So those are my kids, my fantastic, phenomenal, fabulous kids.

Here is my husband (and my dog):

And my other dog:

So that is my family, intact, all together in our home where we have lived for 18 years.

The calm before the storm.

Here's hoping the storm is just a rain-shower that freshens and brings new life.


Hope T. said...

Great pictures, Ruth! You have beautiful family.

I consider myself quite tall at 5'8 but my two older boys tower over me and my middle son (my twelve-year-old!) has caught up to me. When they all surpass me, I will enjoy being "little mama", which is what comes to mind when I look at the picture of you and Shannon.

Your younger son looks like he has a similar build/height as my teenage son. The only problem is trying to find clothes that fit him. Part of the reason it took me a week to do all his laundry is that I hang most of his clothes to dry so they don't shrink and I have limited hanging space.

It must be terribly hard to leave your children's home. I never had a home of any duration longer than a couple of years and I desperately wanted one for my children. You and your husband provided that for your kids' growing up years and that is something they will always have.

Anonymous said...

THESE PICTURES are priceless.....I will probably never meet Shawn OR your children on earth so I am especially appreciative for these glimpses! ~~~Pauline

Ruth said...

Thank you for your kind comments. Hope... I air-dry everything except socks, underwear and towels! I have a nice, big laundry room that we built in the basement with a purple and lavender tiled floor and a lavender folding counter. I read that lavender was the most calming color, so I designed my laundry room to be a place of escape and restoration. I have a number of drying racks and hanging racks, so I can hang up the clothing of my tall family and not shrink them. My dream is to live somewhere without 'homeowners' covenants" that prohibit clotheslines. Someday, I hope I will once again be able to hang my sheets out on the line and dry them nice and crisp and flat, and not all crushed and wrinkled the way the dryer does them.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I've never read a blog before tonight. I'm in portland maine tonight, traveling on business, having dinner alone at the Old Port Sea Grill while going through the latest FB postings (sometimes I feel I have no life!). For some reason I came across the link to your blog and started reading. Your blog kept me company during an otherwise boring dinner. I appreciate your wisdom and perspectives. You and Shawn are fantastic parents. Linda and I miss seeing you guys.thanks for being part of our lives in Liverpool!! Jeff Auser

ruth said...

Hey Jeff... Thanks so much for commenting! I think it is fantastic that you found my blog. I'm glad if it gave you a "taste of home" while you were on a business trip!

Maybe you'll continue to stop in here now and then after we move. It would be nice to keep in touch.