Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A gorgeous day

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day, sixties and sunny.  The grass is greening up, and the daffodils are waving in the hefty breeze.

I got out with the dogs for their walk while the sun was still shining.  The past two days, I've been so disorganized that, despite nice weather, I have taken them for their walk after dark, or at least at twilight.  Today, we did it in full sun.

Things are looking up.  I still have some jobs to do on the house, jobs I am dreading.  But things are looking up.

Schubert is so funny when I take him walking.  He puts his little head back and he goes, "Bow wow!  Bow-wow wow-wow wow!"  People get annoyed and think he is challenging them and their space and their dogs, and it is kind of embarrassing.

But he means well.  He is just an egocentric little puppy who believes that the whole world loves him.  "Everybody loves Schubert!"  That's his mantra.  So when he goes out and smells all the different people and dogs and cats and rabbits in the neighborhood, he puts back his head and joyfully, triumphantly announces, "Hey guys!  Hey!  I'm here, I'm out here, and you should come play with me!  And pet me!  And love me while I wag my wild, furry brown tail!  Because it's a great day and we ought to enjoy it together!"

Today he was just about frantic to get some love out of the general public, which was not responding in a cooperative way.  Finally we came around a curve in the road, and there was a flock of little pink and purple clad girls and their sparkly bicycles.  Despite Schubert's barking, they were not afraid of him... they got off their bikes and down on their knees and rubbed his head and his ears and scratched him under his chin.  He wagged so hard, I thought he'd fall right over.

It was just what he needed.  After that, he didn't bark for a whole half a block.

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