Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bass clarinet

David is playing a gig this week, a pit orchestra in Hamilton.

He is 20, so I do not know if this is Hamilton as in Hamilton, NY (where Colgate University is) or Hamilton as in Hamilton College in Clinton, NY.

I don't know what show he is playing, either. He did tell me once, but I'd never heard of it.

Somebody emailed him and asked him to play one of the reed parts for this show. The money was good, and he hasn't had a paying job since he quit his summer stint at Lowes, so he took it. It involves playing alto sax, bari sax, clarinet and bass clarinet.

David has his own alto sax and b-flat clarinet. He does not have a bari, but he has played bari quite a bit and has always been able to find one he can borrow.

He had never touched a bass clarinet.

The person recruiting him said he had a bass clarinet David could borrow. So off David went to play it, happily.

After the first rehearsal, DJ reported that every time he had a bass clarinet part to play, it was a solo. We asked him how these solos went. He said, "OK." Since then, he has figured the thing out and is feeling really good about it.

Can I just say? I cannot even imagine. I cannot even imagine.


Hope T. said...

I have a fidgety boy in my lap so I can't type much but I just wanted to say that I love the new look and features on your blog! I'll be back later when I am less encumbered....

ruth said...

Hey! Thanks for noticing! I look forward to hearing from you when you get a chance...