Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Problem

The problem with keeping up my online journal is this: I use up all my computer time trying to take care of email business.

I am going to try to discipline myself better in computer usage; a certain amount of time allocated to email, and then... STOP.

Also, a certain amount of time to blogging and then... STOP.

I hope I can do it.

Here are some random pictures from our Texas vacation. This first one shows Shawn at the beach near the house we rented. We had this beach basically all to ourselves, which was pretty nice. There were some people there on the weekend, though. The beach was on a calm bay, and it was very redneck. I hope it is not too discriminatory to say that. The people could drive their trucks right up to the water, which they did! There were lots of coolers of beer and boats being docked right off the back of trucks. At one “beachsite,” we drove past just as a pet pig was trotting around from the far side of the truck. What a hoot!

This is a picture of Jon, Laura and Shannon in the water at the beach. It reminds me of a lagoon. The water was very warm. Very warm. The only problem was all the sea life. Lots of little fish nibbled on one's legs as one tried to frolic in the water. When a jellyfish stung my ankle and left a big, ugly red mark, I was done with this beach. Fortunately, that was near the end of our stay, because I had trouble relaxing in the water after that.

Here are our four kids with their great grandparents. Actually, GD is Great Grandma's second husband. Her first husband died a couple of weeks before Shannon was born. GD and Great Grandma have been married for nearly 19 years. The dog's name is Buffy.

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MacCárthaigh Family said...

It's good that they have each other. The children all look great. First time I saw a photo of them together!