Friday, September 12, 2008

A memory from 1988

This picture has nothing to do with the aforementioned memory. I just thought people might like my blog better if I put up more pictures. I have trouble posting pictures, because for some reason my camera software thinks my camera is incompatible with my computer, and it only works about 30% of the time, and I don't have hours and hours of spare time in which to sort it out. In the spirit of yesterday's post, here is one more thing I grew this past summer--columbine. I like it. So, unfortunately, do the rabbits. It has since been eaten down to the ground.

Amy recently moved to Kentucky and can't find her shower curtain. This sparked in me a memory of my past, which I mused on over in her comments, but I'd like to keep it for posterity and the pleasure of my chidren and grandchildren and all that, so here I'm putting it down again:

In 1988, my husband and I graduated from the University of Minnesota, and he got a job with GE in NY. GE sent packers to put all our wedding gifts (still mostly in boxes) into their moving truck. We drove our car and knew we would arrive in NY a day ahead of the truck. We took a couple of suitcases, two sleeping bags and… a shower curtain. That was what we moved into our empty appartment on the day we arrived. Although we had to sleep on the floor and eat our meals sitting on the floor, we were able to shower.

Later, when the truck showed up, we had a whole lot of china, a bed, a card table and two lawn chairs. Beautiful.

We never even thought to bring any money. As in, liquid money. We had a cashier’s check in the amount of our life’s savings, and approximately $7 cash left after the cross country drive. When we deposited the cashier’s check at the bank, they told us it would be a week before we could draw on the account. We bought a gallon of milk and a bunch of boxed macaroni and cheese, and rationed it until our checking account became active. Oh, young love. Actually, I don’t miss it.

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MacCárthaigh Family said...

I wonder if I could live now the way I did when I was younger? I am not as well off as I one was, but I wouldn't want to go back to the lifestyle I had before God forgave me. He as given me a Church, a great husband, reasons to live, a 'how to' manual for all of life's problems....

Praise the Lord!