Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kitchen Project. Day 6.

Today the water was turned off for most of the day, which meant that I could not have any tea, nor could I wash my hands after I ate an orange.  I couldn't use the bathroom either, but I guess that wasn't much of an issue, since I wasn't drinking any tea.

The plumbing got rerouted, which was good.  We have shiny new copper pipes in the ceiling and walls now, where they should be,

and a drain pipe was moved back into the wall as well.

The closet has been framed in.  That was another piece of "bad news" yesterday... that the closet would be smaller than originally planned.  Frankly, I didn't care.  As long as it is a closet and it holds my vacuum, I will be happy.  I suppose the door will be really expensive now though, since it isn't a standard size anymore.  Here is the closet, underneath the beam that cannot be moved, the soffit that will remain.  Schubert gazes curiously from behind a plastic sheet.

They moved the random heat vent that used to be in the middle of the room.  You maybe saw it in some of my earlier pictures.  It used to come out under the peninsula cabinets, where it kept my canned goods toasty warm all winter.  When they removed the peninsula, it looked like a toilet drain.  Now it is in the corner, and eventually it will come out under the sink cabinet and shoot hot air on my toes while I am peeling carrots, which, in theory, should be very nice.  We are talking theoretically because we are not in a mood to count chickens before they are hatched.

I also found out how much our replacement cabinet will cost.  No.  Nobody but us is going to pay for it.  We are keeping the cabinet that won't fit.  Any suggestions for what we should do with a random 42x42 oak wall cabinet?  Perhaps I will have a really snazzy home for my lawn chemicals in the garage.


Shawn Carpenter said...

I'm thinking it will be a fancy cabinet at the bottom of the stairs, above the bookshelf that is currently the makeshift canned goods pantry. Maybe the laundry room? Or just outside the door to the garage?

ruth said...

The cabinet in the laundry room is 30 high by 60 wide. There is not soffit in there, so we could put this in if we wanted to. We could either center it over the washer and dryer, or order another 18" cabinet to put next to it and fill the width that the current cabinets fill. Would that look stupid?

30x60 is 1800
42x42 is 1764

So the actual storage area of the new cabinet is very comparable to the storage capacity of the current cabinets.


ruth said...

I hate that I can't correct typos on these comments. Drives me crazy. And I can't even remove a comment and redo it clean... they leave a formidable message saying: "This comment has been removed by the blog author."

Shannon said...

hahahaha mom. you're the cutest.