Friday, January 24, 2014

Kitchen Project. Day 2.

We are not used to this yet, although we are finding ways to cope.

I still have a crazy optimistic hope that we will not have to cope for a terribly long term, because coping is not super comfortable.

We have a "kitchen" in the boys' room.  This is actually a banquet table placed against a wall, over an outlet, and covered with all manner of things that I had to get out of my kitchen and that I thought might come in handy.

 (That isn't bread flour, it's homemade hot cocoa mix)

Since we are doing food upstairs, I threw a bunch of old rugs around to try to protect the carpet.

It was a good idea.

This morning I went down to the refrigerator which is the only thing left in the kitchen.  With nowhere to set anything, it was a precarious proposition to pour myself a glass of orange juice and scoop up a bowl of yogurt.

Then the contractor arrived and wanted us to move our vehicles.  I hurried upstairs to set down my "breakfast" in our makeshift "kitchen."

Unfortunately I tripped on the top step, fell, and spilled orange juice and strawberry yogurt all over.  Thank goodness for that old braided rug I'd put the top of the stairs.  I think I got most of the orange juice out of the carpet.  Piper helped me get the yogurt off the rug.

Shawn had to move my van for me.

Lunch in the "kitchen."  Apple slices and almond butter.

We do dishes in the bathroom sink.  We make coffee there too,
and tea with our new Hot Pot.

This shelf of "provisions" is in the basement.  Very sensible, right?  "Kitchen" upstairs, refrigerator on the main floor in the middle of the construction zone, and canned goods in the basement.  Not sure where the can opener is at present.

I suppose it will all settle out.

It will need to.  They found plumbing in a soffit today.  I wonder how much time that will add to the job?

The plastic over the doorways may have cut down on the dust.  However, there was a lot of dust at the end of the day.  I vacuumed as thoroughly as I could, but it all needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth.  And then they will be back Monday.  One wonders how much cleaning it is prudent to do.

On a bright note, the tile is all gone.


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