Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Do you ever notice how you need a password to do anything?

I have a hard time remembering my passwords. I do not know my password for Facebook, Netflix, or BMG music. All the online companies I've ever ordered from also require passwords. When I try to create a new account (because I can't remember my password), they tell me, "There is already an account in existence with this email address."

Then they send me cryptic emails and I have to choose a new password---which of course, I promptly forget. My husband says you aren't supposed to write them down. Anyway, if I did make a list of my passwords, I would lose it.

My life is on a crash course right now, headed for a major explosion. I am overwhelmed with mail, email and phone calls. Oh, and weeds in my garden and mold in my refrigerator. I can't get the health insurance paperwork organized. How come when we had to switch to a company with a high deductible (read: you pay out of pocket for the first $2500 of medical expenses in the year), the paperwork doubled and the benefits evaporated?

I'm tired, I have a cold (or allergies, or something), and I am studying Job. Our car broke down, but Shawn got it going again. He is amazing. We thought we were going to have to have it towed because it was as dead as a flat skunk all weekend. But Shawn finally got it to start on Monday morning. Laura says, "I so have to get married when I move out. I so could never handle a car on my own."

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I wonder if she has trouble with her passwords?


Hope T. said...

I have been mostly lurking and enjoying your blog for a while now. I can really relate to your posts lately.

My hubby has a list of all passwords on his computer. All I have to do is remember the password for that list. If I get it right, including the caps in the right places, I am rewarded with a list of about 50 passwords. When did life get so complicated? Sometimes I long for the '80's when things were simpler.

Oh and as for the e-mails, phone calls etc., I just ignore them and read blogs.

ruth said...

Thanks for commenting, Hope.

Once I deleted 40 me3ssages from my answering machine without listening to them. It felt a lot better than I anticipated. Maybe someday I will get brave enough to dump all these papers, too. Except, a lot of them need to be shredded, and my shredder is broken. I think it should be illegal for companies to send unsolicited mail that requires shredding.

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Very funny!

About buying property... I hope it works out. At least you can appreciate where you are now more and more!