Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our land?

We found a plot of land we like. It is twenty acres, with a stream even, and it is next to some good friends of ours who (get this) happen to be custom home builders. Imagine that!

The land was for sale, but it was listed at a ridiculously high price. Shawn got online and checked the county records and found that it was about 45% higher than what was reasonable, even when you figured a few different ways.

When the real estate listing ran out, Shawn sent the land owner a personal letter offering to buy the land for a reasonable price. The man called him back, but he said he wanted quite a bit more than we were willing to pay. He said he'd had an offer that was a good $15,000 over what we were willing to give him, and he had walked away from it. We figured he was either lying or crazy, because if had really received the offer he claimed to have received, he would have made about a 30% profit on an investment in two years, which is not something one walks away from.

This all went down last spring. A couple of weeks ago, the man called back and wants to sell--he has entered reality. Or maybe he just doesn't want to pay any more property taxes on the land; property tax bills are mailed round about the first day of school.

So we drew up a purchase offer with our lawyer and sent it to him. Now we are waiting. Waiting.

I do not want this if it is not God's will. With the economy the way it is, it seems insane to be buying 20 acres. Or maybe not. Maybe if all else fails and there is no longer a food supply, we could grow food on our twenty acres.

I feel confused and up in the air. I just want God's will. But I'm studying Job, so I am seeing, daily, that God's will, while the best for me, holds no promise of comfort or ease.

I'm kind of scared. The Psalmist says, "When I am afraid I will trust in You," (Psalm 56:3)

Why is it so hard to trust? Please give me more faith, Lord Jesus.

BTW My current house looks better to me every day.

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MacCárthaigh Family said...

You put a big smile on my face! I have been mad busy these past few weeks. Yes, I did visit your blog and found that I had a lot of catching up to do! I read through some of your posts with the great intentions of commenting on them but I had to turn off the computer quickly and didn't get back to you!

Things with Sean have been tough... He is not saved and is struggling very hard with sin in his life. Also, he has been bullied twice lately and this is very tough on him and on us. It stretches us in so far as how we must react towards him, the bully and the other parents. It's hard going to parents and complaining etc in a way that honours God.

I am so very grateful to God that he gave me a good husband to me and father to Sean, and he is very well liked in our community. Very humble and Godly...

Something to do with Sean took a lot out of me a couple of weeks ago. It upset me a lot, which is not like me and I took a while to bounce back although I am grand now!

you get used to being under fire from the devil because of our salvation but Sean under attack is another kettle of fish all together and a good way to get to me is through him...
You know what I am talking about, every parent does!

I am just in the middle of cooking now so I am going to eat up and then take my time and continue to catch up with what is going on in you and your lovely familie's life!

It really encouraged me to be missed... THANKS!!!