Thursday, September 25, 2008


I mentioned that our car died last weekend. That was while Shawn and I were in Pennsylvania with DJ and Lu, visiting Grove City College. Shannon was unable to take Jonno to his trumpet lesson, but I say praise the Lord that they were at home and not stranded at the trumpet lesson when it happened.

Shawn replaced the battery on Sunday afternoon, which solved nothing. However, by fiddling and prodding, he was able to get the car started on Monday morning and drive it to work. I was so proud!

Yesterday (Wednesday) found our household on its last roll of toilet paper. I had let DJ and Lu drive the van to school, and after school I got busy with "stuff"--I was making a beef roast and two pumpkin pies and could not just up and leave the kitchen. So it was after supper, when we took Jonno to his karate class, that I finally carved out an opportunity to go out and buy toilet paper. Say what you will, it is not good to be without toilet paper.

Shawn and I drove his car. Well, he drove and I sat in the passenger seat, clutching my list which was written in blue colored pencil, which was the only working writing implement I had been able to lay hands on. We went to WalMart and bought a big package of toilet paper. Then we went to Wegman's to pick up a few groceries that I had been unable to get at Sam's Club earlier in the week.

We got out of Wegman's just in time to go back to karate and pick up Jon. Unfortunately, the car would not start. There we were, in the best parking spot in the lot, with a completely dead car. Of course things like this never happen when the repair shops are open.

So Shannon took the van and got Jon, who had earned his green belt, except we missed it and forgot to pay the testing fee besides, so we are thankful that the coaches trust us and awarded him anyway. Then the kids came and got us and we all rode home in the van, leaving the car at the store overnight.

This morning we had to call a garage and a tow truck, all that monkey business. But, as I was drying my hair before we headed out to work on solving our problems, I thought to myself, "If I had to go without a car for a day, or without any toilet paper for a day, I would definitely choose to forego the car." And to me that was a very encouraging thought. We are well-stocked with toilet paper. For under $5. Compared to the cost of car repairs or a new car, that is nothing. Nothing! And yet, it meets such a profound need, much more profound than the need to go somewhere in a car.

You need what you need, and you can be thankful when you have it, and staying at home is a blessing. Especially when you are not out of toilet paper.


MacCárthaigh Family said...

It's not profound... but it is humours!


AmyC said...

Imagine you are living on Sorrell Hill Rd. and stuck with a dead car and no TP! You will really have to be on top of things if the land buy goes through. I would miss you, btw!

ruth said...
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