Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shooting for 100


I had a secret goal of writing 100 posts in 2014.

I am at 70; this post is #71. 

There are approximately 12 weeks left in 2014.

If I can do approximately three posts per week,  I will hit 100 posts for the year by December 31.  Three posts per week sounds pretty ambitious, especially during the holidays.

I hope I can do it.  But, there are more important things than writing blog posts, and some of them are affecting my life right now.

It will be great if I can achieve this goal, but it will be even better if I can be wise about what is most important.  If I can do the things I need to do, while working on a personal goal, that is grace abundant in my life.

This post has been less substantive than I think a post should be, while still claiming to be a post, so I will close with a short vignette:

Recently I met a lady.  She's a rich soul, full of Bible words and love, a retired deputy sheriff, no less.  Whenever I see her and ask her how she is, she smiles big and replies in a voice like sunflowers and chocolate truffles, "Better'n I deserve. . . but I'll take it!"  I'd like to be a little more like her, on my way to trying to become like Jesus.

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