Monday, October 20, 2014

11 ways to approach a headache without NSAIDs

Things to do for a headache:

1.  Lie down in a dark room.
2.  Apply heat (like a rice bag from the microwave).
3.  Apply an ice pack.
4.  Massage your head.  (If you are lucky, get someone else to massage your head.)
5.  Drink coffee.  (I know you aren't supposed to, but it does sometimes work.)
6.  Rub lavender essential oil into your hairline.
7.  Drink water.  Drink a lot of water.
8.  Stop trying to get something done, and relax, ideally with a small, warm dog in your lap.
9.  Give up on completing something that had been bringing you tension.  Release yourself.
10. Remove yourself from the phone, the computer, the television, all screens.  Turn them off.
11.  Play some Bach, very softly.

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