Monday, September 1, 2014

Wedding Pictures

The photographer put "our" pictures on her own blog, and then they were posted on Facebook, but I thought I'd include a link to them here.

In case anybody was interested in more pictures of Laura's wedding...

Click here to view.

Hope you enjoy!


Hope T. said...

The photos are wonderful. Laura's dress is amazing. I know you and I have similar opinions about wedding dresses so you must have been so happy that she found such a sweet dress. Her smile is so joyful, too. The setting of a little country church is just perfect. The photographer did a good job of bringing out the country vibe.

I love the pictures of the couples I assume are grandparents. In one of them, the wife is wearing orange earrings and in the other the husband has a daisy boutonniere. I like the angles the photographer used in those shots.

It looks like it was an incredibly fine day with wonderfully cooperative weather. I am so glad for you how well it worked out and that you have these photos to remember the details.

ruth said...

The black and white where the husband has a daisy boutonniere and is reading his program is my parents. I do not know the people in the photo where the wife wears orange earrings. I think they might be a great uncle and great aunt of the groom.

I was thrilled with her dress. So thrilled, that I almost did not dare to say a word when she chose it. It was exactly what I would have wanted, and it was not exactly what I thought she had described to me that she wanted. So I just sort of held my breath and tried to figure out what to say, if anything. I never quite got over feeling guilty that I liked that dress as much as I did, but eventually I became convinced that she did like it in her own right, as she listed the details it had that made her happy: simple, natural band at waistline with a tasteful embellishment, very plain skirt, buttons all down the back, sweetheart neckline covered with a beautiful lace overlay, and (most importantly) pockets!