Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Things that live in my yard

Awhile back I posted about our hummingbird.

Actually, there are two of them, and they are such fun to watch!  One is very territorial, and he chases the other one away, over and over.  But the other one keeps coming back, over and over, just the same!

They love to hover amongst the zinnias and sip nectar from all the flowers, but they also enjoy the hummingbird feeder.  I've been on my toes making sugar water to keep it filled.

The territorial little fellow likes to perch in these red canna lilies and keep watch over his property.

His lookout post.

Here he is at his lookout. . . 

And here he is again.  He was just hilarious, hanging out in these flowers all day.

Unfortunately, when he buzzed over into the flowers near where I was sitting, I could never get the light levels and focus adjusted quickly enough to get a shot of him.  It kind of stinks when the auto-features on your camera are broken.  Hummingbirds move really, really fast.

Well, I did get this shot.  It was pitch black because I had no time to set the light.  This is a testament to what one can accomplish with photo-editing.

Actually, that may be the guardian bird, or it may be the the one who comes in to "steal" nectar and get the other little guy's goat.  Bird #2 comes in for a sip, and Bird #1 dive-bombs him out of there in a mad chase.

They swoop around the yard, and somebody ends up tucked away in the maple tree:

In the meantime, there are also butterflies who enjoy my flowers.

And one day, we had the distinct privilege of meeting this fine fellow!

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