Thursday, March 20, 2014


When Shannon was in college she had a friend who introduced her to the idea of 11:11 as the wishing hour.  Every night at 11:11, her phone would buzz with a text:  "11:11... make a wish!"

It became a sort of mantra around the house.  "11:11, make a wish!" Shawn would chant mischievously.

I began to notice when it was 11:11.  Oddly, I often saw the clock at 11:11, both a.m. and p.m.  "11:11, make a wish!" would signal through my brain.

However, I do not believe in wishes.  I believe in prayers, and more importantly, in the God who answers them.

Considering the digits, 11:11, I decided to try to redeem the custom.

11:11 is a series of vertical lines, all pointing up.  11:11 is the time of day to stop being focused on my earthly circumstances and to turn my face upwards to God who is in control of everything, the master and creator of the Universe, and my personal Savior, Jesus Christ.

Doesn't it just boggle your mind to realize that the God who put the stars in place, who created the laws of physics and calculus, who controls the winds, the waves, the tides and the hearts of kings, that same God cares about you personally (and me!).  He knows each word we will speak before it leaves our lips.  He knows how many hairs are on each of our heads.

He has a master plan for the outcome of all eternity, but at the same time He has the capacity to care about each tiny detail of each of our lives, and the ingenuity to weave all those details together for our best good and for the display of His mighty splendor.

I should think about Him all the time, but at the very least, I let the clock turn my thoughts to Him every time I see that it is 11:11.

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