Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The house is clean.

It isn't perfectly clean, but it is empty.  It feels empty.

I literally jump when I go around the corner into the kitchen and come face-to-face with the bare, naked refrigerator which has been stripped of all its glory and the chronicles of our life.

David's desk has been removed from behind the sectional in the family room, leaving a large empty space and some dents in the carpet.

We took the leaf out of the kitchen table and put two of the chairs into the basement.  There's so much space in there now, it makes my stomach suck empty air.

I suppose there is mercy in this phase, this time of removing our personality, our us-ness, from our home.  Perhaps this will help us set our faces towards the new home God has for us, the one we have not quite discovered yet.

Last time I blogged, I wanted to post pictures of our house, not selling pictures, but pictures of the way it has looked as we have lived here.  I was in a rush, and the pictures were taking forever to load, and I gave up.

I will try again, not to get everything into one post, but to dig out a few pictures that express my heart.

The family room while DJ's desk was still in it.

Another view of the family room.

The kitchen table, already stripped down in size.

My kitchen before I "de-cluttered" the refrigerator.  
Personally, I like refrigerator clutter.  It is how I scrapbook.

Our dining room, which up until now was Shawn's office, and this is one change 
that I am not sad about... I love this room when it is done as a dining room. 

The dining room from the living room.

The sofa side of the living room (the piano is on the other side... 
I'll need to get a picture of that, too, before we leave).

The stairway, whose woodwork we just had redone in oak.

The study, where I sit and look out the window at my roses 
(except they aren't blooming yet).

My bedroom with its new wood floor.

It is not the most fantastically beautiful house in the world, but it is just the way I like it.  I get tired thinking about starting all over.  But it will be OK.


Hope T. said...

It may not be the most beautiful in the world but it is certainly a pretty house. The kitchen looks like a very pleasant place to spend time for one who likes to cook. I am partial to the study; it exudes tranquility. It is a good thing I don't have a study like that since I might never come out.

ruth said...

Ha! I spend a lot more time in this study than I ought to. The dogs have trained me this way... as soon as I walk into the kitchen, they begin to beg to go outdoors. This continues: out-in-out-in-out-in-out-in, until I go back into the study.