Thursday, May 2, 2013

Aaron and Bre's wedding

When we received the invitation, I didn't immediately pick up on why there was typewriter type in the background and the term "love story" in the copy.

A wedding at the YMCA of the Rockies.  This sounded very interesting.  As a child, I experienced most of my family vacations in Estes Park, Colorado.  On our one-year-anniversary, Shawn and I drove through Estes on a massive western road trip before we settled down to become responsible, employed members of society (well, anyway, Shawn is employed).

I had not been to Colorado in 24 years.  Now, the opportunity to reconnect with the vacationland of my youth, and see a bunch of family, and attend a beautiful wedding just sounded wonderful to me.

Of course, I should have been at home getting my house ready to put on the market.  However, Shawn was kind enough not to guilt trip me, and generous enough to make a way for us to go.

We flew on Friday, April 26.  It was a long day.  Colorado is nowhere near the east coast.  Laura also found this to be true, as she met us there after a very long layover in Dallas.

We rented a cabin at the YMCA, a cabin with a kitchen.  So we stopped at the grocery store on our way up (literally up).  This is the grocery store parking lot.  I could really like grocery shopping if it always afforded a view like this!

Shawn and I look pretty happy here at the Y, 
especially considering the intense day of travel we had just undergone.

Likewise, Laura looks quite perky with the mountain sun shining on her face.  
There was plenty of sun, even through the scattered clouds.

Saturday morning was even sunnier, though,
with hardly a single cloud in the brilliant blue sky.  
I had to include this photo,
because I get such a kick out of the shadow of the photographer.  
You can tell that we come from a land of clouds,
where the photographer does not often have to think about
where her shadow is when she is shooting.
Here, Shawn and the photographer are on the deck of our cabin.

This was the view from our cabin's deck.  Unbelievable!  
When we drove up, Shawn said, "You have got to be kidding!"

Here you see the back of our cabin and our sweet rental car upgrade.
There was snow on the ground, but the air was warm and dry.

Besides resting up after our long trip,
making breakfast, and getting ready for the wedding, 
there was not a ton of time for recreational activities on Saturday morning.
We did stop over at the chapel
to hear Uncle Paul practicing the piano in preparation for the big event.  
Auntie Alison turned his pages.
Shortly thereafter, we returned to the cabin to gussy up, 
and then drove over to my sister's cabin to pick up my parents for the ceremony.

Cute touches... outside the chapel there was a table with souvenir golf balls, 
printed with Bre and Aaron's names and the wedding date.
They also provided a list of things for the guests to do
between the ceremony and the reception.  
You could mini-golf, or go on a scavenger hunt,
or choose from a number of other activities.

There was a lovely trail mix bar with paper bags for you to mix up your own trail mix.
Bottled water was also available.  A lovely afternoon snack.
They kindly demonstrated concern for their guests' comfort and enjoyment.

And then...
                it was time for the wedding to begin.

Here is Grandma.  She may not have been supposed to be in her spot quite yet, officially.  
You must understand.  She wanted to hear Uncle Paul play the piano.

Aaron the Groom, 
and the-mother-of-the-groom, my sister, otherwise know as Auntie Beth.

Aaron hugs Grandpa while Grandma looks on.  Weddings are times of much hugging.
More pictures of hugs will appear later.

I was sitting on the groom's side (Aaron is my nephew, after all), 
and the pictures will now be from a remarkably static vantage point for awhile.
I like this one from behind of Uncle Greg, Auntie Beth, Grandpa and Grandma.

There were ten bridesmaids and ten groomsmen.  I never did get a picture of all of them, 
but here are eight of the ten bridesmaids.

A close up of Cousin Abigail, because she is my niece.  When they were little, 
she and Shannon were sometimes asked if they were twins, when they were together, 
which was not often.  Abigail is tall, like my kids.

I was too close to the groomsmen to get any good pictures of them.  
Here is a blurry one of Cousin Ben, who was the best man.
He appears to be taking this very seriously.

Ben had a lot to do.  He also sang.  He has a beautiful voice. 

Bre hugs Beth.

Bre hugs Greg.

Aaron hugs Beth.

Of course there were other hugs that I did not get because of timing, vantage point, etc.
Besides, hugs, there were (naturally) some kisses.
Below, you can see a time lapse of the bridal kiss...

The reception was also lovely.  Here the theme came clear to me.  
Typewriter text.  "Love story."  Old books.  
A literary love story.  Could anything be nicer?
(The head table had triangular banners spelling out "HAPPILY EVER AFTER."
Of course, I did not get a picture of that.)
Don't you love how they cut the serif font table numbers out of 
the pages of the book and then folded them up?

I also love pussy willows.  
When I was quite small, my Grandma Rainbow (Great Grandma) used to lead me out into her yard and show me the pussy willows in springtime. "When the pussy willows come out," she said, "you know spring is here."  Then she would take my little finger and guide me to feel the soft fuzz.  
I love pussy willows.

(By the way, that is Uncle Paul and Auntie Alison up there, behind the pussy willows.
We love them, too.)

Shawn and Cousin Daniel.  
Shawn is skeptical that I can get a decent picture with his smartphone.  
He is a wise man.

A blurry photo of Laura and Cousin Esther.

Laura and me... proof that we were there.

And the cake, which was fantastic: layers of carrot and chocolate, your choice.
Because why would anyone ever eat white cake?
Happily ever after indeed.


Hope T. said...

The pictures are great. Those mountains are even more breathtaking than I had imagined. The wedding itself looks like it was lovely and creative. Judging by your smile, it seems like this trip was just what the dr. ordered. I'm so glad things feel into place for you to go.

ruth said...

Thanks! Yes, it was a good trip. I think I would have liked to stay longer, but at least, since it involved a short time away from home, I bounced back quickly after we returned. God is good.