Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stream of consciousness

Today I woke up wishing for goat cheese.

This makes me sound like a fancy and sophisticated person, which I am not. In fact, I never even had goat cheese in my life until yesterday.

And the goat cheese I had, I bought at Aldi.

So give up your impression of me as a world class gourmet. I am just a cheap shopper who picked up a log of goat cheese with cranberries and cinnamon... and found that it was delicious. Delicious.

And now I have to go and put my white blazer, that I wore for Easter, into the dryer. Because I am washing it at home, even though at first glance you would think it ought to be dry-cleaned. I read the tag. It says, "Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry low."

It will never be the same, shiny and crisp, but that's OK. Nothing ever is. And I don't know why I ever buy anything white.

I will put it into the dryer, and I will try to ride the exercise bike whilst reading The Hunger Games. I do not know how this will go.

My shoulder keeps popping. Shawn says I should go to the doctor.

Schubert is outside, howling. I suppose I'd better get him in before I embark on my next project.

I feel fat. I just ate four crackers with goat cheese and two helpings of sweet potatoes left over from Easter dinner.


Hope T. said...

That sounds like a good lunch. I feel fat a lot lately, probably because my pants are getting tight. I'm not motivated enough to do anything like exercise, though. Good for you for exercising. I hope it went better than expected.

ruth said...

It was a very tasty lunch! I didn't end up exercising. Ran out of time in the end. I did finally start the book (The Hunger Games) in the evening, though. Coincidentally, there is a hunk of goat cheese in the beginning of that book, and it is not in the context of rich fancy people, either.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY like goat cheese....good that I didn't discover it sooner ! ~ ~Pauline

ruth said...

Ha! Goat cheese is delicious. I wonder if it is hard to make. I also wonder if goats are hard to raise. I think I've heard that they are particularly difficult to milk, or that they yield very small amounts of milk per milking session. The meat is supposed to be good though, and healthy.

If we ever do anything with our land, I think it might be fun to have some goats and chickens.