Saturday, November 14, 2009

This post may need to be deleted

Laura is a much better photographer than I. She took these pictures, and she is currently not at home, so I can't ask her if I can use them. Generally, she is kind about letting me use her photos, but if she is handing any in for class, we have to keep them off the internet. If any of these are in her portfolio, I will have to delete this post.

The doggies are very interested in something going on atop the table, far above the chair behind which they sit at rapt attention. They peer fervently upward. All their focus, all their concentration is on what is beyond, even though they can't see it. (I think they can smell it.)

Look at these doggies. Have you ever seen such devotion, such sincere and undying interest? Would that we desired the fellowship of the Lord the way these doggies desire whatever is up there above their reach.

Observe the doggy's-eye-view of current events. Mommy is working on something, something with a delectable aroma, something that fills a doggy heart with hopes and thrills.

Mommy is... picking a chicken. Boiled chicken on a plate may not be a delicacy to certain humans (although the humans in this household appreciate it pretty fully), but to a doggy, it is ambrosia, caviar, la creme de la creme. It is the stuff of doggy fantasies and satisfied doggy souls.

"Awww Mommy, can't we have some? Can't we have some please... please... pretty please???"

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