Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

We did not go anywhere.

And you know what? That is OK.

We are tired. We are overstimulated. We are stressed out. Except for Jon, that is. Jon is never stressed out. Jon wanted to drive to Minnesota for Thanksgiving.

The rest of use did not relish 36 hours in the van (round trip) for 48 hours there, followed by a quick dive back into the school routine. Especially since they are all so tall now. Jon, being the youngest, was the smallest, but now he is the tallest, having surpassed both Shannon and David, who are 6'1". Shawn has always been 6'2" (well, ever since I've known him, anyway). Laura is 5'9", and I am the shrimp at 5'6". We don't fit so well in a minivan anymore, and we really notice on those l-o-n-g cross country drives.

(Here, Jon is trying to wear DJ's old tux from when DJ was Jon's age. The tux pants were totally too short, so we had to try to punt with a different pair of black slacks, which were also too short, because SOMEBODY never stops growing. Fortunately, he is easy going and did not complain about wearing an odd assortment of clothes in an attempt to simulate a tux for his first Symphonic Band concert in September.)

David is glorying in the opportunity to spend time with his friends who are home from college, some for the first time since they left in August. Shannon is taking it easy. One of her friends from college might come over for Thanksgiving, which would be lovely if it happens. Laura is working like a dog to finish her college applications.

I will be cooking. I haven't made Thanksgiving dinner for a few years (on Thanksgiving... I've made turkey dinners right along). This is going to be fun. I hope somebody helps me clean up!

We have been hosting a small group from church at our house for the past two weeks. Do you know what that means? It means... the dining room is clean!!! Which means we can eat turkey in there, on the china, and it will be special.

I am actually quite looking forward to this.

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