Friday, June 12, 2009

So sad

Maybe it's because it was raining when I got up this morning. Or maybe I am just depressed and crazy. Maybe it's because today is David's last, very last day as a student in the Liverpool Central School District.

I feel overwhelmingly sad. Gut-wrenching, eye-wringing, hold-in-your-sobs-while-your-body-shakes sad.

It isn't like David's even going away next year. He's going to save money by living at home and commuting. So what is the matter with me???

Tough day.

Here is David coming up out of the water on the beach at Port Aransas, Texas last summer.

This is David's sensitive side, decorating an Easter egg.

Well, here's a familiar shot.

DJ doing what he does best... how long do you think he'll keep it up? Which will win? Music or medicine? I guess we'll see over the next few years.

David is one classy guy. Dashing, too.

You never know what's coming.

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Ruth MacC said...

Oh dear, it's all ahead of me.....