Monday, June 8, 2009

Radish greens

I am growing radishes in my garden. They are fun to grow, because they come up early and grow fast.

Contrary to the way my father taught me to plant them (one seed at a time about 1/4 inch apart up the row), I planted them the way our neighbor, Mr. Johnson, always used to tell me I should do it while he watched me obeying my father. He told me to rip open the packet and just pour the seeds out the corner, up the row.

When you do it Mr. Johnson's way, you get a very thick upcropping of radishes, which you then have to thin. The reason I did it his way is because we have discovered that early radish greens are really quite delicious... delicately pungent.

So we thinned the radishes, saving the little greens we pulled up and rinsing them carefully so we could eat them. Yum, yum!

The only problem is, they turn your tongue green...


shannon said...

mahahaha Jon. that picture just cracks me right up. where was I when the radish photo shoot was happening? I did help thin them, after all.

Ruth MacC said...