Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No car

There will be no new car today. It is Veterans Day. The banks are closed. Nobody thought of this in advance.

I have a reprieve. It is nice. After sobbing this morning while Shawn drove away "for the very last time" in the Mitsubishi, I feel comforted to know that I get to do it again tomorrow. No, really, I really do feel better. Maybe tomorrow I will be ready for the transition and I won't cry. Maybe Dr. Seuss was a Republican.

Does this look like a little girl who would grow up to be a basket case about an old car? What has happened to me in the last forty years?


Ruth MacC said...

Very cute photo! Your not a basket case. Just human!

I agree with what you say about being glad you are not a man and have to make the final decisions on important things.

Congratulations on the land, and happy BBQ ing!

Laura said...

I think over the last 40 years, you've gotten a lot taller.

and you have kids. not just toys to hold by the neck as you stand atop your book defiantly.