Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dog Poetry

This is our dog, Schubert. He is a very much loved dog, especially by the kids. You can do anything with him, and he is just relaxed and happy, no matter what. Even if he gets nervous, like when we take him to the vet, he just sort of goes "into himself" and doesn't bug anybody about it.

He has affectionately earned the nickname, "Schu." Or Shoo, as the case may be. It all sounds the same, which is my point. Schu is a very convenient name, as it rhymes with everything. For instance, Schu's accessories are all blue, and that rhymes. He also rhymes with true, new and dew, and Lu, which is what we call Laura.

Speaking of Laura, she was extolling the beauty of the name Schu just the other day. She said, "It's so great! Schu rhymes with 'you'... so in every song where it says, 'I love you' (and there are a lot of songs that say that), you can substitute, 'I love Schu,' and it always works!"

This, on the other hand, is Piper.

Poor Piper.

His name rhymes with nasty thinks like...
hyper (an unpleasant behavioral characteristic)
viper (a poisonous snake)
diaper (stinky when used)
riper (as in, the gas Piper passed was riper than the gas passed by the Schu)
sniper (one who hides on a roof and shoots people)

You get the idea.

No wonder he's a little tense.


AmyC said...

Your camera is very good at dog photos. Zoe always comes out red-eyed or green-eyed creepy in flash photos.

And your shutters look snappy. They pop nicely and are a nice color of not-quite-brown-not-quite-maroon.

ruth said...

Hahahaha. The painter was so proud of that color I thought his buttons would burst... it was as if he had picked it out. I can't remember the name of the color, but it ended in "berry" and he kept referring to the berry part, how there was a such nice red in those shutters... he was funny.

Ruth MacC said...

Nice dogs. The first one really does look like a relaxed dog!

Although the Grammar School is a boarding school, they also cater for day students, so no, he certainly won't be a border!!! What you say about your husbands relatives is very funny! It's a bit like this in a town called Limrick... Troubled people live here!

ruth said...

Just to keep the record straight--our relatives in California are related to me, not my husband.

Shannon said...

just so you know, it was me who said the bit about substituting Schu for you in songs.

I can't believe you thought it was Laura!

ruth said...

Shanny, I can't believe I thought it was Lu, either. the rhyme (Lu - Schu) must be what through me off. But clearly, you are the one who sings, and the only singer of love songs to Schubert. I cannot begin to imagine Lu singing a love song to Schu. But then, I did write this a couple of years before she developed her avid dislike toward him and the habit of saying, "I don't like you, Schu," every time she sees him.

Ruth said...

Augh. I can't even believe I typed "through" instead of "threw." It was because I had just typed Schu and Lu, and I knew it wasn't "thru"... but seriously. Talk about losing your mind.