Friday, October 3, 2008

Banning books

I wonder, sometimes, why people have been so up at arms about the Harry Potter books, and yet they never say anything about Edgar Allen Poe. In my humble opinion, Edgar Allen Poe is a lot creepier and more demonic than J.K. Rowling.

My daughter is reading Huckleberry Finn this year, which was banned. I am glad she is reading it. She will also read The Scarlet Letter before the year is over.

If the economy fails and the country goes socialist, I hope we will still have religious freedom. I don't suppose we will. If we socialize medicine, I expect the state-run hospitals will be minus the chapels and chaplains. That is a very sad thought.

I feel rather doom and gloom today... perhaps because it has been raining for about two weeks straight. If the weather ever clears, I would like to go for a hike somewhere with golden leaves. I would also like to pick some apples. Today I baked pumpkin bread and I also tried a pumpkin waffle recipe. The scent of clove lingers in the air and on my tongue.

Lulu will be 16 next week. My third baby. It goes so fast. So fast. I have less than a year left with DJ, and less than two years left with Lulu. How should we spend the time? When you want so desperately for things to be precious, you sabotage yourself--you can't relax and enjoy the moment because you want it to be perfect and therefore you spoil it entirely, every time. Well, maybe you don't, but I do.

How I got here from Edgar Allen Poe, I'll never know. It's Friday and we have no plans. I want to live, to do things, to be active and happy and busy with goodness. Instead, my only anticipation is the opportunity to sleep in on Saturday morning. That's OK once in awhile, but a life lived like this is draining.

How do you come alive whan you are oh, so tired and overwhelmed and lonely? How do you get up and out?

I would not suggest reading Edgar Allen Poe.

Is that a start?

I think studying Job is getting to me.

Dear Jesus, please help me not to waste this life You've given me. Please show me Your will and give me the energy and courage to do it. Please bring light and joy into my days.


Hope T. said...

How do you get up and out when you are tired, overwhelmed, and lonely?
I don't know because that is my problem, too! I am afraid that the answer for me lies in pushing myself way beyond my comfort zones. Those comfort zones are pretty close to home for an introvert like me but I am considering going to meet with a new group of moms tomorrow. I'll let you know if that helps or just makes me more tired and lonely.

I can't read creepy stuff like Poe's short stories but I do like his poem "The Raven".

Ruth MacC said...

Ah Ruth, like good times, this bad time will pass.

You had rain for 2 weeks. Here in Ireland we had the wettest summer on record, it rained for 3 months!!!!

Does that make you feel a little better? (Ha ha!)

Will pray for you sis.


Shannon said...

I think his poem "The Raven" is still pretty creepy... if I remember correctly. "Quoth the raven... Nevermore".

I was going to say. You technically have negative 1+ years with me, and I'm still around.

Let go and live in the moment a little.