Monday, June 11, 2012

Weather reports

I could check the weather at any time on the internet.

When I was young and growing up in a small town that lay just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, my mother played WCCO most of the day long.  We heard the weather numerous times each hour, plus a recap of the actual high and low at the end of the day.  There is no station in the Syracuse area that gives you that kind of weather information.  I suppose Minnesota had more farmers who cared about the meteorological details.

But, since we now have the internet, I could check the weather at any time.

I don't.

This is how I keep track of the weather:

(1)  My coconut oil.

I keep coconut oil in a recycled glass jar in my bathroom.  It is a fabulous moisturizer.  Each morning as I moisturize, I get a read on what the weather is going to bring me that day.

If the coconut oil is hard and white,  I have to use my fingernails to dig out chips of it and warm it in my palm before spreading it on my skin... then I know I should wear a few layers of clothing and a warm-but-stylish scarf around my neck.

If the coconut oil is thick and creamy, it's going to be a gorgeous day!  (My heart sings when I open the jar and find it all soft and swirly...)

If the coconut oil has melted down to a clear liquid, it's time to turn on the air-conditioning.

(2)  My legs (and other joints and muscles).

If my body aches and twitches, there will be precipitation.

I usually realize this after the fact, as in, "Wow, look at that rain come down!  I should have known... my legs were driving me crazy last night."

I have faith that some day I will begin to put this information to use before the fact.

(There are three legs in the foreground of this picture, 
and the hairy one belongs to my husband.)

As long as I have coconut oil and legs, I guess I don't need the internet.  Not for weather reports, anyhow.

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