Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy June

I didn't do so well blogging in May.

I wrote a post called "Taking Criticism."  I sort of alluded to the idea of writing a companion post called "Giving Criticism."  I can't get excited about writing it, though.

We give criticism all the time, and we would do well to think about whether we are doing it appropriately or well.  Somehow, we don't seem to notice when we give criticism as much as we notice when we receive it.  So maybe I will write that post.  Maybe tomorrow.

June arrived here cold and rainy.  I don't mind.  It felt wonderful to pull socks onto my feet this morning.  It is a good day for tea and blankets, naps and novels.  DJ is asking for coffee.  I'll brew up a pot of strong stuff, relishing the aroma.

This morning I studied Ephesians 1 with a beautiful little group of women.  I got to hold a baby, too, a gorgeous one.  And she didn't cry, even though her mama left the house for a few minutes!

It's Friday.  It's June.  And despite the rain, my peonies are still mostly upright, thanks to a marvelous staking job by my husband and the bountiful grace of God.

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Hope T. said...

I am also feeling so cozy in the house today, listening to the rain patter outside. I've had quite an exhausting week so it feels good to stay in and do nothing. I have a pot roast in the oven and even though only my little kids are home tonight and will not relish my culinary efforts, I am looking forward to a meaty, savory dinner. There are a million things I should do but for some reason, the rain makes me feel like I can put them off for another day.

Your day sounds wonderful, Ruth. Holding a non-crying baby and being with a small group of nice women is close to the perfect day. And the peonies, of course. And a good novel. Wish every day could be like that but then I guess we would not appreciate it as much.