Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my prayer

Dear Jesus,
please help us all,
and show us Your will for our lives.
Please grant us each day the health and energy that we need
to fulfill Your purpose and plans for our lives.
In all that we do, help us to put You first,
and may the desire to know You
and to serve You
keep us focused on Your beautiful face.
Please help us to remember,
in every trial we face,
that is is not about us,
it is about You,
and it is Your gift to us of
Your presence and
Your fellowship
that we should seek above all else.
As the enemy tries to discourage and distract us,
please show us that
You are stronger,
You are greater, and
You are sovereign.
Lord Jesus, it is hard for us to face troubles
and even just changes.
Please help us as summer fades and fall comes,
bringing busy schedules
and stress to our children.
Help us to trust You and to find Your will.
Help us to be able to rest in You
and please give us the peace that
comes from confidence that
we are walking in the ways You have laid out for us.
Thank you that You are always with us
and that nothing comes as a surprise to You,
that nothing is frightening or overwhelming to You,
nothing is too difficult for You.
We lift every area of our lives us to You
and say, "Daddy, please fix these for Your good purposes."


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