Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The snow has melted and my daffodils are coming up. Here are some, bursting through the mulch by my birdbath.

Here is another patch of daffodils, next to a heather bush. In another week or two, we might have some cheerful yellow faces smiling from the tops of these plants.

I have always lived in climates with harsh winters. Winter does not have much to say for itself, not much good anyway, except if you count that it is a good time for making soups and stews.

Spring is such a blessed relief--first longer days, and then the snow melts, and finally things begin to grow again.

Around here, spring really gives you a good picture of redemption, of life after death, of the promise of hope after despair. I wonder if people who live in tropical climates experience anything similar?

Even so, I do love a nice palm tree.

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MacCárthaigh Family said...

It's lovely to see the flowers coming up. I never liked spring and found it my least favourite of all the seasons. Now that I home school and am responsible for Sean's education I have found that I am beginning to like and even love spring!