Monday, April 21, 2008

Favorite Beach Photos

We went to the beach in North Carolina last week. It was warm and misty on Saturday evening when we arrived, good for pensive beach walks.

This was our first sunset--actually, our only sunset with clouds.

The view from our house, overlooking the salt marsh, was gorgeous. We had a dock and a kayak that we could use when the tide was high. Here is also a picture of Jonathan running out of the ocean because the water was just too cold for swimming.

Jonathan found a very cute little sand dollar.

Maybe I will post some more pictures tomorrow.


Shannon said...

Hello Ruth, I tried to leave a comment earlier today but it looks like it didn't make it to you. I'll try again.
Thanks for saying hello over at Watchthesky. We do Book Review Friday each week. Right now we're reading Jude. All the info you want to know about it are on my sidebar, we'd love to see a new name on the list joining us!!! :)
Very cool pictures by the way. :)

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Ahh, just lovely photos. Although it is sunny here in Ireland it's still cold!